The benefits of a wedding DJ who also acts as an MC

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The benefits of a wedding DJ who also acts as an MC

When planning an upcoming wedding, couples have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important decisions is who will provide the music and entertainment for their big day. There are many different options for couples to consider and one of the best options is to hire a wedding DJ who also acts as an MC. By having the DJ serve in both roles on their wedding day, couples can save money, time, and the overall event will be elevated.

How Hiring a DJ MC Can Save Time and Money

Hiring one person to play the music and to act as the MC can ultimately save couples and other wedding planners time, money, and energy. When two different people are hired to serve those roles, they both come with their own contracts, different requirements, and arrangements. Hiring one DJ to be both the music and the MC requires fewer conversations and contracts between the couple and the DJ. In addition, the cost of one contract is typically cheaper than two contracts, leading to a great cost-effective option for couples.

Smoother Event Turnaround

When a couple hires a DJ who also acts as an MC, the transitions between different activities throughout the wedding day become easier and smoother. With one person acting as both the music and the MC, they are able to create the best atmosphere depending on whether it is music time or time for announcements. The DJ is able to ensure that those transition are smooth with no hitches along the way. Having a DJ who is capable of handling both roles helps to ensure that the music and announcements do not overlap.

Having One Person Speak to the Crowd

Sometimes having too many different people trying to speak to the audience at one time can cause issues. This is especially prominent when different people are acting as the music and the MC. Having one person serve both roles will help a couple scale back the clutter when it comes to communication between the couple and their guests. Placing this responsibility on one person helps ensure that not one person is talking over the other and will keep the atmosphere smoother.

A More Personalized Feel

When couples hire a professional wedding DJ who also acts as an MC, the experience that their guests will receive will make them feel like they are part of a family. A DJ MC is matched perfectly to cater to the wishes of the couple and their guests; he or she can provide an array of excellent entertainment services to keep the party going. It is the DJ MC’s job to make sure that the party atmosphere is alive and will lead to a fun and memorable wedding reception.

Turn Your Wedding Reception Into an Experience with is the perfect blend of music and entertainment services. Our team have extensive music knowledge and possess the natural ability to read a room and flow with the crowd. We offer competitive prices for our services and work with you to create an unparalleled experience for your wedding day. From the initial pre-booking process until the end of the night, our team will ensure your event is unique to your style and desired atmosphere.


Having a DJ who also serves as an MC for a wedding is one of the best options for couples. This saves time and money, and allows for a smoother transition between music and announcements throughout the wedding day. The atmosphere that the DJ creates is alive and personal, while also having the ability to read the crowd and keep them entertained. Couples looking to make their wedding day extra special should book their DJ and MC with, and turn their event into the experience of their dreams.


Q1 – What is a DJ MC?

A DJ MC is a person who is both the DJ and the MC at a wedding. This person takes on both roles, providing both music and entertainment services as well as making announcements and keeping the crowd engaged.

Q2 – Who is is an event services company providing music and entertainment services for weddings, events, and more throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, and Guelph. We offer competitive prices and guarantee a top-notch experience.

Q3 – What are the benefits of having a DJ MC?

Having a DJ MC can save time and money, since it consolidates two different roles into one. It also helps to ensure smooth transitions between different segments of the wedding day, as well as providing personality and character that adds to the overall atmosphere.

Q4 – Does handle both DJ and MC roles?

Yes! is perfect for couples looking for a wedding DJ and MC. We provide competitive prices and guarantee a unique and unparalleled experience.

Q5 – Does the DJ MC need to be involved in all aspects of the event?

Our DJ MCs can be involved in as many or as few aspects of the event as the couple wants. Our team is happy to provide both DJ and MC services, or can provide services in either capacity.

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