Getting Inspired to Plan Your Dream Wedding

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Getting Inspired to Plan Your Dream Wedding

Unlock Your Goddess Bride Inspiration: Planning Your Dream Wedding

There are three stages to planning a Wedding: the inspiration phase, the decisions phase, and the celebration phase. They’re all equally important, as they’re the three components necessary to make your Wedding day a truly special one. If you want to make sure your Wedding day is one you’ll never forget, then it starts with crafting a vision based on your style and preferences. That’s the inspiration phase, the initial step in turning your dream of the perfect Wedding day into reality.

Finding Inspiration for Your Dream Wedding

The inspiration phase of Wedding planning is all about gathering ideas and figuring out how to incorporate them into your special day. When you’re trying to find inspiration for your Wedding, the best place to start is looking for images or visuals that speak to you. Whether it’s browsing through images of beautiful cake designs, or seeing what kind of bridal party dresses make your heart flutter, gathering visuals that spark joy or represent the elements you’d like to incorporate in your Wedding is a great start.

Next, you’ll want to determine the theme or feel for your Wedding day. Found some photos of stunning garden Weddings that have you imagining exchanging your vows under romantic twinkling lights? Or do soft neutrals, crisp whites, and greenery make your heart rate rise with excitement? Capture these images in your notebook, on a iPad, or as Pinterest boards to start piecing together the visuals that represent what your dream Wedding looks and feels like.

Once you’ve determined the general form you’d like your Wedding to take, the next step is to do the research to find out how to make it happen. If the Wedding venue of your dreams is a charming outdoor garden, you’ll need to check the weather conditions and make sure you have an appropriate backup plan if plan A goes awry. If you’re envisioning a wintery wonderland ceremony where snowflakes softly covers your guests, you’ll need to check the forecast for your area, and see what type of access your chosen venue has to snow delivery, if you don’t want to rely on Mother Nature.

Making Your Wedding Dreams Come To Life

Now that you’ve gathered your inspiration and have an idea of the essentials for making your Wedding day come together, start putting together a list of the various services and vendors you’ll need to make your dream day a reality. That might include springing for a Wedding planner, an event coordinator, a photographer, a florist, a bartender, a mobile dj, caterers, and more, depending on the scale and style of your Wedding.

You’ll want to check reviews, ask for referrals, and get quotes from multiple service providers before deciding on the right people to bring your dream Wedding to life. Keep in mind that Wedding professionals do book up and you’ll want to secure the most important elements of your Wedding as soon as possible, in order to ensure they’re still available.

Of course, the most important service of all is the Wedding band or DJ. You’ll want to get recommendations from family and friends, or hire professionals from the likes of (serving Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington & Guelph, 416-477-2829 or for best results. The entertainment is the lifeblood of your Wedding celebration, and you’ll want experienced and high-quality musicians and DJs to ensure your Wedding is the ultimate party.

Enjoying Your Dream Wedding

Once all the plans are taken and your vendors and services providers are booked, it’s time to start digging deep into the details of what will make your day unique. From custom photo booths to personalized cake toppers, from personalized dinnerware to unique dance floor entrance songs, you can layer in the details of your day to truly make it your own. Don’t be afraid to add elements that are of personal sentimental value to you and your spouse-to-be, such as favorite childhood books, family recipes, heirlooms, and photographs.

Now that all the planning is done, it’s time to enjoy your dream Wedding. Don’t be afraid to party hard and let loose, rent a photo booth or set up a selfie station to capture all the fun, and enjoy your special day – because this is a celebration of your love story.


Q: How do I find inspiration for my dream Wedding?

A: The best way to find inspiration for your dream Wedding is to start by scrolling through images online that represent the style and elements you want to incorporate on your special day. Things like beautiful cakes, stunning bridal dresses, decorations and locations that make your heart flutter are a great place to start.

Q: Who should I hire for the entertainment services at my Wedding?

A: It’s best to get recommendations from family and friends, or hire a professional from companies like They offer services for events ranging from Toronto to Mississauga, Hamilton to Burklington, Guelph and beyond. They have a wide selection of DJs, speaker systems and more to provide the ultimate entertainment experience.

Q: What elements can I add to make my Wedding unique?

A: You can add unique elements to your Wedding to truly make it your own. Things like custom photo booths, personalized cake toppers, custom dinnerware and unique entrance songs for the bride and groom are great ways to add a personal touch to your special day.

Q: What’s the most important service to book for my Wedding?

A: Entertainment is one of the most important services to book when planning your Wedding. Your guests will be there to celebrate and you’ll want to hire professional and experienced musicians or DJs to ensure your special day is the ultimate party.

Q: Should I include elements of personal sentimental value on my Wedding day?

A: Absolutely! Incorporating elements of personal sentimental value can really make your Wedding a truly special one. Consider incorporating favorite childhood books, family recipes, heirlooms or photos to tie in your unique story.

Planning your dream Wedding starts with gathering inspiration, doing your research and finding the right vendors for your special day. From custom photo booths and personalized cake toppers to professional DJs, making your day unique and unforgettable starts with finding the right people to bring your vision to life. With these steps and tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating the Wedding of your dreams.

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