How to Choose the Perfect Music For Your Wedding Reception

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How to Choose the Perfect Music For Your Wedding Reception

Finding the Perfect Wedding Reception Music: Expert Tips and Tricks for a Memorable Event

A wedding reception is an important part of any wedding and one that every bride, groom and their families want to be perfect. Music plays an important role in a wedding as it sets the tone and mood throughout the night. When it comes to picking the music for your wedding reception, it can be a daunting task. You want something that will keep your guests entertained and having fun, but you also want the music to be appropriate and reflect the personality of you and your spouse. We’ve put together a few tips to help make choosing the perfect music for your wedding reception a little easier.

Understand Your Guests

When selecting music for your wedding reception, it’s important to keep in mind the guests who will be attending. Think about who is coming and the kind of music they all enjoy. Many couples, particularly those with larger families and wedding parties, will have a variety of ages attending. Finding a selection of music that appeals to all guests is a good rule of thumb.

Choose Your Style

Your wedding is about you two, so make sure your music reflects the style and taste of you both. Are you the couple who loves to dance? Or, are you looking for something more subtle like a saxophonist playing in the background? Choosing the music for your wedding reception is just like setting the mood for any other event. Do you want something upbeat and energetic or do you want to keep it more subtle? You should also factor in the space of your wedding venue. Will a live band work best in the room you’ve chosen? Are there certain noises or a certain volume that won’t overwhelm your guests? Think about all of these factors when making your music selection.

Mix Old and New

Your wedding guests will likely be made up of a wide range of different ages, so it’s a good idea to combine old and new music when selecting what to play. This ensures your guests won’t feel left out no matter their age. Think about the songs that you and your spouse both of you like and add them to the play list. Think of a few old favourites that everyone loves, as well as popular current hits that everyone in attendance will be able to sing and dance along to.

Know When to Refer to a Professional

Though it is possible to create your own music play list for the wedding reception, it’s also not a bad idea to leave the music selection to an expert. Not only will a dedicated DJ like be able to properly read the crowd and know when a certain style and type of music will work better than another, but they can also help create a perfect soundtrack to capture the mood of your entire celebration.

Selecting the perfect music for your wedding reception can be a difficult task. Though it is possible for you and your spouse to pick the songs yourselves, it is important that the right one’s is chosen. Consider the guests who will be attending, your own taste, and whether or not you feel a professional should be brought in. Following these tips will help you to create a beautiful soundtrack that everyone can enjoy.


Q. How do I select music for my wedding reception?
A. Start by considering the guests who will be attending and what type of music they all enjoy. Then, choose your own style of music and think about the space you’re having the reception in. Mix old and new songs, and consider if you need to hire a professional DJ or if you prefer to go it alone.

Q. Who should I hire for my wedding reception music?
A. is a professional DJ serving Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington & Guelph, who can help to set the tone of your wedding reception with the perfect music choices.

Q. How many different songs do I need to have at the reception?
A. It depends on the length of your reception, but typically you should aim for between three and four hours’ worth of music.

Q. Can I make a custom play list for my wedding reception?
A. Yes, you can make a custom playlist for your reception if you want all the songs to have a personal meaning.

Q. What is the best music for a wedding reception?
A. The best music for a wedding reception is something that reflects your own style and taste, as well as something that pleases all guests in attendance. Choose music from a variety of genres to ensure everyone is entertained.

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