5 Must-Have Songs on Your Wedding Playlist

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5 Must-Have Songs on Your Wedding Playlist

5 Unforgettable Songs to Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable

When it comes to planning a Wedding reception, there are many elements that must be carefully considered. Music, in particular, is one of the most important aspects and can truly set the tone for your special day. Having the perfect playlist is essential in creating the perfect atmosphere and ensuring your guests have a great time.

There are an infinite number of songs to choose from, but we recommend these top five classics. We’ve pulled a selection of songs that are sure to keep your Wedding reception rolling. Consider them the ‘must-plays’ of any Wedding playlist.

The Classics

When creating a Wedding playlist it’s essential to include some classic songs – especially if you’re aiming to achieve a timeless feel. ‘At Last’ by Etta James is a perfect classic to add. It has a beautiful soulful sound and will set the perfect romantic atmosphere. ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ is another classic that is sure to get guests of all ages up on their feet and dancing. It’s upbeat, joyful, and perfect for a Wedding.

Uptempo Dance Music

Uptempo and up-beat music is a must for any Wedding reception. These types of songs invite everyone to the dance floor and help keep the energy alive throughout your reception. One classic that never should be excluded is ‘Celebration’ by Kool and the Gang. When the song starts playing, we guarantee that everyone will join in and dance the night away. ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars ft. Mark Ronson is another lively track that is sure to bring the party atmosphere and create the ultimate dance party.

Modern Pop

Modern pops tracks are great way to bring guests of all ages and demographics together. They help bridge the gap between the classic and traditional tunes with modern takes on classic songs. ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by Walk The Moon is a great song for an all-inclusive Wedding reception. Any time this song comes on, everyone will jump up and start dancing. We also recommend ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars, a fun and modern pop song that will make your Wedding truly special.

Slow and Sweet

Every Wedding reception needs at least one slow and sweet song that will allow the newlywed couple to share a romantic dance. ‘All of Me’ by John Legend is a perfect crescendo for a Wedding night. This heartfelt and romantic song will give you and your guests a chance to slow down, catch your breath and simply take in the magical moment. Don’t forget the classic, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran, which is an inspiring song with great lyrics and a particularly memorable beat.

The Finale

No Wedding playlist is complete without the perfect finale. When all the guests have had their fill of dancing, end the night with an upbeat classic like ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ by Bon Jovi, an iconic 80s track sure to keep the party going and get everyone singing along. We also recommend closing the night with the classic ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by The Journey. This song will be the perfect ending to a night full of memories.

Now that you have some ideas for songs to include in your Wedding playlist, it’s time to start getting ready for the best day of your life. To make sure everything goes as planned, choose a professional DJ to handle the music at your event. An experienced DJ will ensure your playlist is executed perfectly, providing your guests with an unforgettable evening of entertainment.


Q: What type of songs should I include in my Wedding playlist?

A: This will depend on the type of vibe you want to create. We recommend a variety of classic, up-tempo, modern pop and slow, sweet songs. This will give your Wedding reception a timeless and classic feel that your guests are sure to love.

Q: How do I ensure my Wedding playlist is executed perfectly?

A: Hiring a professional DJ is the best way to ensure your Wedding playlist is executed perfectly. An experienced DJ will be able to provide you with the perfect music options that fit your theme and taste.

Q: What are the ultimate must-play songs for a Wedding?

A: Some ultimate classics for a Wedding include ‘At Last’ by Etta James, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ by Van Morrison, ‘Celebration’ by Kool and the Gang, ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars, and ‘All of Me’ by John Legend.

Q: What is a good way to end a Wedding night?

A: Closing your Wedding night with an upbeat classic like ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ by Bon Jovi or ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by The Journey will give your Wedding the perfect ending and ensure your guests have an unforgettable evening.

Q: What are the best songs for a romantic first dance?

A: The best songs for a romantic first dance include ‘At Last’ by Etta James, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran, and ‘All of Me’ by John Legend. These songs have beautiful soulful sounds that will set the perfect romantic atmosphere for your special day.

Creating the perfect Wedding playlist is essential in creating the perfect atmosphere and making your Wedding reception a night to remember. While there are an infinite number of songs to choose from, we recommend these top five classics: ‘At Last’ by Etta James, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ by Van Morrison, ‘Celebration’ by Kool and the Gang, ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars and ‘All of Me’ by John Legend. Your Wedding will be the talk of the town if you include these must-plays in your playlist and choose a professional DJ to bring them to life.

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