Wedding DJ Questions you should Ask.

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Wedding DJ Questions you should Ask.

Here is a question for all my brides out there, what is the one thing that your guests are going to remember after your wedding? Is it your flowers? Your décor? The photographer? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the DJ.   The entertainment you choose that will leave the longest lasting impression on your wedding guests.  Wedding DJ will Make or Break your Wedding..  When selecting the right wedding DJ, pricing shouldn’t be the defining factor.. 

Are they going to be a good fit for you?
Every DJ is a little different, some have big and bold personalities and others are more laid back. You want to pick the one that best fits for you. This is something we totally understand and is not a one size fits all situation. With our many DJs on staff you can choose how outgoing and engaging you want your DJ to be!

Will they have a consultation with you before your wedding?
This is a key one that is often looked over or skipped. The DJ has a lot of influence on your reception so meeting with them is a must. We always have a consultation with their clients before the wedding to go over all of the details and making sure you both know exactly how you want your party to run.

Do they do more than just play music?
Some DJs out there are just literal walking iPods. Some may not even bring a microphone to an event if that happens how will you make the toasts? Who is going to make the announcements? Our DJs aren’t just human jukeboxes: they emcee, coordinate, sound engineers & professional –  all while playing the perfect soundtrack for your wedding day.

Do they look professional?
The best judge of this doesn’t just come down to price when selecting your wedding DJ. Look at from how they dress to the state of the equipment. We always dress to blend in with your crowd and we take pride in how we carry ourselves from the moment we walk in the venue doors.

Is there a backup plan?
What happens if the DJ breaks his leg the night before? Or his car gets a flat on the way to an event. This are all very real things that can happen luckily in our 30 years of business we have seen just about every situation occur and have solution for anything that can occur.


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