Tips on Selecting the Perfect Music for Your Wedding Reception

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Tips on Selecting the Perfect Music for Your Wedding Reception

How to Choose the Ideal Wedding Reception Music – Essential Tips from a Professional Wedding DJ

Tips on Selecting the Perfect Music for Your Wedding Reception

From your walk down the aisle to the grand finale, celebrate with Wedding music that you love – and best reflects your style! Whether you’re planning a traditional, classic, modern, fun, and wild celebration—or something completely unique—the right music can make all the difference in setting the tone and mood of your Wedding reception.

Researching the Right Music

To begin, it pays to invest in a little research. If you give yourself plenty of time to do adequate Wedding music research, it will help save you time, stress, and more importantly, money! It’s important to think about your Wedding as a whole, including the music. Consider what type of music you’d like to hear during your special event, as well as what type of atmosphere will add to it. Doing a thorough self-assessment will help you to properly assess the type of Wedding music that’s perfectly suited for it. Once you have an understanding of what types of songs you like, you can then make the most educated decisions during the process.

Choosing a Wedding DJ

It’s important to consider other people’s opinions when putting together your list of favorite playlist, so look toward friends, family, and Wedding attendees you know to help build your list. Planning your perfect Wedding reception music is one of the most time consuming aspects of planning the perfect Wedding but it’s a crucial part that mustn’t be overlooked. As such, when it comes to selecting the ideal Wedding DJ, it pays to select one who’s both experienced and well-versed in the genre of music that you’re looking to play. A regular Wedding DJ will also be able to extend their music library list to you, so that you can easily listen to the song clips and decide which music selection fits best.

Create Different Playlists

It is commonplace these days to create multiple music playlists, regardless of whether you’re hosting your own reception or have booked a professional DJ. Creating a variety of playlists will, at worst, ensure your guests have all kinds of music to listen to and at best; you’ll be able to maintain variety and immersiveness for your Wedding. Generally speaking, the most important considerations should include the type of Wedding music, the style of music and the timing of the music (where do you plan to fit it into the program?).

Configure the Melodious Setup

Whether you’ve hired a professional DJ or you’re supplying your own music, you’ll need to carefully set up the melodious wiring to ensure that everyone enjoys your music experience. Ensuring that the speakers, turntables, cables, mixer boards, and amplifiers are properly set up might stump the average couple—enter the handy Wedding DJ. An experienced Wedding DJ will be able to check the sound system to make sure that all your audio equipment is running properly prior to the start of the actual event.

Connecting Outdoor vs Indoor

Based on the location and layout of your Wedding reception venue, you may require special acoustic equipment and larger speakers to accommodate outdoor environments. Connecting the right type of speaker may be difficult for the average Wedding couple. However, with the help of a professional Wedding DJ, it’s an easy errand to do. In addition to their experience setting up a sound systems in all kinds of indoor and outdoor settings, they’ll also have access to the kind of sound and lighting equipment that can be difficult to source.

Stay away From cliches

When selecting the music for your Wedding reception, it’s essential to avoid classic clichéd music. One important thing to keep in mind when selecting the music for your Wedding reception is to stay away from the cheesy party hits. It’s only natural to want to make your guests feel comfortable and to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time —but not with well-known classic songs.

Overall, researching the musical tastes of yourself, your partner, and your Wedding guests is essential before you hire a DJ or select the music for your Wedding reception. Music is a personal piece of art, so it’s important to ensure that your music tastes align with your Wedding day preparations. Selecting time tested classics or the latest tunes can create the enjoyable atmosphere you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.

Choosing the ideal music for your Wedding reception doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Taking the time to assess your own tastes and that of your guests, and investing in forms of entertainment to match, can help ensure a great atmosphere and unforgettable memories on your special day. A good DJ should also help to put together just the right mix of music so that both you and your guests will enjoy it.


Q. How do I plan the ideal Wedding reception music?
A. Planning the right music for your ideal Wedding reception starts with self-assessment. Think about your dream Wedding atmosphere and the types of songs that would best match it. Take the time to research different types of songs and have a professional DJ add in some suggestions to hone your playlist selection.

Q. What type of equipment do I need to configure the melodious setup at our Wedding reception?
A. Generally, all you will need for a melodious setup are some good speakers, a few turntables, and some sound cables, mixer boards, and amplifiers. However, for optimal sound and if installing at an outdoor venue, you may need to invest in a larger sound speaker system.

Q. I plan to do some DIY music at our Wedding reception. What advice can you provide?
A. Just like with any other type of entertainment, it’s important to do your research and practice before the Wedding. If you plan to create your own playlist then it pays to know how to work with the software you plan to play the songs with. Investing in the right music mixing software and having a thorough understanding of the different music genres and music trends can help ensure the success of your DIY music experiment.

Q. How can I ensure that my Wedding reception music isn’t cliche?
A. Avoid classic, overplayed and clichéd music by selecting more up-and-coming tracks that are not overplayed on radio stations. When selecting your Wedding reception music also consider the musical tastes of yourself, your partner, and your Wedding guests and be sure to choose songs that will best reflect you both and immerses your Wedding guests into the experience.

Q. How do I find a great Wedding DJ who will successfully manage the music at my Wedding?
A. When searching for a DJ for your Wedding, it pays to select one who is experienced and highly-versed in the genre of music you’re looking to play. Most experienced DJs have access to an extensive music library and should be able to give you a list of different song options, so that you can listen to the song clips and decide which music selection fits best. Ultimately, a great Wedding DJ should also possess excellent communication and organizational skills.

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