How to Avoid Hiring a Wedding DJ Who Doesn’t Play Your Favorite Music

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How to Avoid Hiring a Wedding DJ Who Doesn’t Play Your Favorite Music

Navigate To Quality: How to Avoid Hiring a Wedding DJ Who Doesn’t Play Your Favorite Music

No bride and groom want a wedding night filled with songs that don’t ignite a spark with the crowd. It can be immensely difficult to gather requested tracks from guests and hear out which songs you want and don’t want to hear in volume given the situation’s stress and hectic flow. Thankfully by following a few application rules for choosing a wedding DJ, you greatly can reduce the risk of less-than-satisfactory performance.

Research Your Prospect

Gather relevant info on all possible prospects and be sure the DJ you choose has an abundant portfolio of previous performances with reasonable prices and a solid track record to ensure they can match the same level of quality on the night of your wedding. The best way to ensure your prospects will meet your standards is by collecting data in the form of testimonials, sample mixes, and audio/video clips of clients’ performance to get an idea if they will fit the crowd or audience.

Create A List Of Calibers To Rank

Create a list of requirements to rank your DJ prospects on. Create a few categories with several conditions such as professionalism, cost, ability to read a crowd and so on. This can narrow down your choices to those who fit a more customized mold than what’s generic in your area.

Give Examples Of Songs You Want To Hear

Providing a list of songs the potential DJ needs to learn or cue can be a beneficial question mark for determining if you should be considering them in the first place. Knowing that they are prepared to learn a new, more personalized selection can put your worries of them “feeling” the music to a lesser degree.

Contracts Arm You With Evidence

Consistent with certain contractual agreements and legal requirements such as insurance and licensing, contracts are an essential tool that can level up your leverage in contingency-based situations. When it comes to your wedding’s night of entertainment, it is an absolute must for the DJ to agree to conditions in your contract that would be beneficial in any peculiar problem or situation.

Confrontation Goes A Long Way

In scenarios where the DJ does or does not live up to what was agreed upon in the contract, confrontation is key. Through this skill,you can restrain the possibility of a period of dissent.It is important to keep the peace and provide a civil resolution in addressing discrepancies at any stage of the event.

Discretionary Point Of Contact

Your point of contact should have discretionary capabilities. This may include a direct call should there be a problem that requires an immediate fix. It is also important to create a document which provides the DJ with an advance outline which can help both parties feel more comfortable in pursuing the right decision at the right time.

Provide The DJ Backup Music To Fall Back On

Make sure you provide the DJ with back up music for times when requests may go beyond the curated song list. The back up music should match the spirit of the crowd and best reflect the sentiments of the gathering. For example, offers clients the opportunity to customize and assemble their own music library for their special day, or alternatively can provide professional expertise in selecting pre-vetted music for the occasion.

Converse With The DJ Pre-Event

Talking to your DJ prior to the event will allow both parties to have a better understanding of each other’s expectations, leaving less room for error. If a DJ is contracted and taken by surprise at the onset of the event, not having heard anything prior, they may not know the quality that is expected of them. At the same time, if you haven’t communicated what’s expected of the DJ you may be opening yourself up to themselves bringing a mix of songs you’d rather not have playing.

Choose Wisely

Choosing the right DJ isn’t an easy process, but with the right research, executiveness and level of communication, the wedding you’ve always envisioned with the perfect set lists filling all the moments with the right tunes will be, the night of. is a premier institution when it comes to providing DJs for wedding receiptions and photo booths need in City of Mississauga and surrounding areas. We take the utmost pleasure in providing couples with the best possible DJ service that adheres to the specifications and provides for the most entertaining evening for yourself and your guests. Call 416-477-2829 or email to inquire about the packages we offer and discover the variety of entertainment options available.


When you’re considering the entertainment aspect of your special day, you want to make sure it goes on without a hitch. Unfortunately wedding DJs don’t have an official license to prove they are going to meet expectations. It can be tough to know who you should choose to ensure every song is up to scratch and has the crowd dancing all night long. A combination of researching your DJ, creating a set list of criteria, providing the DJ with songs you know you want to hear, establishing contracts for back up, having a point of contact at the ready, providing backup music and talking to your DJ pre-event can all help you make the best choice. offers professional services to provide top-quality DJs for your wedding reception or photo booth in Mississauga and the surrounding area. Contact us at 416-477-2829 or email to get started.


Q: What kind of services are available at
A: is your go-to for premier DJ services in Mississauga and the surrounding area. We offer packages for wedding receptions and photo booth services to make your special day truly memorable.

Q: What kind of music can provide?
A: is happy to customize and create your own music library from any genre of music or alternatively provide our own pre-vetted music based off your event’s specifications.

Q: What package options does provide?
A: offers an array of package options to help accommodate any budget. We are happy to set up a consultation to discuss the range of packages we provide.

Q: What do I need to do to book an DJ?
A: Booking is easy! Call us at 416-477-2829 or email to inquire about our packages and to start planning your special day.

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A: have the required experience and all the professional grade equipment needed to make your day a success. All of our professional DJs can read a crowd and read the atmosphere to provide for the most entertaining night possible.

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