Creating a Playlist for Your Wedding Reception Dinner

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Creating a Playlist for Your Wedding Reception Dinner


Planning your wedding can be quite overwhelming; there are so many choices to make and decisions to consider. One very important selection for your wedding reception dinner is where to source the music for the evening. Creating a well-thought out playlist for your dinner is an essential part of establishing the tone for the evening and ensuring that your guests have a memorable time.


The ultimate goal of playing music at your wedding dinner is to create an atmosphere that your guests will enjoy without creating any distractions. You don’t want the music to feel like it’s competing for attention with the conversations of your guests or their enjoyment of the dinner itself. Finding the right balance between background and foreground music is important to ensure that your dinner music sets the right mood.


Choosing the music for dinner is a personal choice. You can keep it classic and timeless with instrumental versions of your favourite songs, or you can modernize the playlist with familiar Top 40 tunes. Keep in mind the age group of your guests. Music that your grandparents may enjoy may not resonate as much with your younger relatives and friends.


Another important consideration when selecting dinner music is volume. It’s essential to keep the music background, so make sure you set the volume at a level where conversations are not drowned out. At the same time, make sure the volume is loud enough that the music is present and enjoyable for your guests.

Professional DJ

If you don’t feel confident that you can select the appropriate music for your dinner, consider enlisting the services of a professional disc jockey (DJ). An experienced DJ will have the knowledge and the collection to create the perfect atmosphere for your dinner. In particular, the best DJs use their experience to read the crowd and make song selections that will create the most memorable experience. This can be important if you’re having a mix of older and younger guests, who may have different music tastes.


Whether you hire a professional or create the dinner playlist yourself, it’s advisable to take some time to plan ahead. Make sure to sequence the dinner playlist, including a few “go-to” songs that work on their own or in combination with others. Think about how you want to build the momentum of dinner, and transition between songs based on the energy of your guests.


During dinner, it’s wise to keep the music playing if possible, but consider providing some pauses. If you’re using a professional DJ, they will understand the importance of allowing your guests to interact with each other without the distraction of music.


Much like at a traditional dance, some of your guests may want to request dinner music. If that’s the case, make sure you have the ability to make these requests change throughout the dinner. You obtain a great group of certified DJ’s here.

Mix It Up

It’s important to make sure that dinner music is not playing the same four or five songs on repeat. To keep it interesting, mix it up with different music genres and non-traditional wedding tunes. Try to find music that will fit in with the flow of your dinner, but also provide an element of surprise.


Creating the perfect dinner music playlist can be challenging, but it’s also one of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning. Crafting a plan that incorporates the tastes of your guests and creates a delightful ambiance is essential. Whether you take on the challenge yourself or call on a professional DJ, this is one aspect of wedding planning that should not be overlooked.


Q. How can I ensure the dinner playlist is suitable for all age groups?

A. It’s important to think about the age range of your guests when selecting dinner music. Try to choose a range of music that appeals to a variety of age groups, or if you’re unsure, consider hiring a professional DJ.

Q. How loud should I set the volume of dinner music?

A. When setting the volume, keep in mind that dinner music should be background music; it should not try to compete with conversation or the dinner itself. You want to ensure that the music can be enjoyed without competing for attention.

Q. Should I have pauses between songs during dinner?

A. Yes, it’s advisable to have some pauses between songs to allow your guests to talk to each other without being drowned out by background music.

Q. What kind of songs should I choose for the dinner playlist?

A. Depending on the age range of your guests, you can pick a mix of classic and current tunes. It’s important to include some “go-to” songs that will fit in with the flow of dinner and provide an element of surprise.

Q. Should I hire a professional DJ for my dinner music?

A. Hiring a professional DJ is a great way to ensure that the dinner music is appropriate and enjoyable for all your guests. Experienced DJs are adept at responding to the energy of the room and can make the perfect choices to create a memorable atmosphere.

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